Additional Compulsory Training Arrangements

Please kindly see below additional training requirements that you will have to personally arrange if these experiences are not provided in your training posts:

  • Occupational lung disease clinics (see how to arrange)
  • Lung Transplantation attachment (see how to arrange)
  • Pulmonary hypertension (see how to arrange)
  • Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy clinics – evidence of some experience. Arrange locally in appropriate posts.
  • Cystic Fibrosis attachment (see how to arrange)
  • Smoking cessation clinic experience (an online or BTS course is also beneficial, or formal level 1 training available at The Whittington)
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation experience (arrange with your Respiratory Physio or community team (easy at the Whittington and Homerton). Why not give a patient education session and get it signed off as a Teaching Observation?)
  • Integrated Respiratory Medicine experience (strict criteria not yet agreed: Dr Bhowmik suggests at least 3 MDTs and a home visit accompanying a specialist nurse with CbD afterwards. Easy to arrange at Whittington and Homerton)
  • HIV clinic experience (available at UCLH and Royal Free).
  • Respiratory allergy and immunology (available at Homerton).
  • Thoracic surgical list (arrange locally through the surgeon at your Lung Cancer MDT)
  • Safe sedation course (see courses). If necessary, the deanery may organise one on a training day similar to the one previously organised in Royal Free in 2015)

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