Suggested Courses

These are just some of the recommended courses to attend:

  • Northwick park Radiology course (worth doing early, more than you’ll need to know day to day, all the pearls, you’ll see 500+ films –  and you get a free book!).
  • All the BTS short courses are very good quality. Particularly recommended are the BTS Radiology course, the BTS NIV course, and the Update on PEs course.
  • London Deanery introduction to Bronchoscopy course – you will receive details about this interactive, theory- and simulator-based course on joining the programme
  • Brompton ILD course
  • ATS ILD course (worth going if you are at ATS anyway, good value and ideal to do in first few years)
  • The BTS has a list of non-BTS courses that may be of interest to members
  • Brompton Modules of Bronchoscopy course

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Respiratory training

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24 days to go.

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3 days to go.

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