Below is a list of resources, recommended by current and recent Respiratory SpRs. These may help on your day to day life as a Respiratory SpR, and with your preparation for the SCE. There is now also a dedicated list of resources specifically for the SCE, written by those who recently sat the ‘quiz’.






Academic publications

Crib sheets


  • The Chest Reg app: concise summaries of common presentations and conditions, with calculators (eg predicted PEFR, Wells, COPD GOLD stage) –  created by a Chest SpR.
  • Lung cancer TNM staging app: from Lily, based on TNM 7. An alternative that is good is Radiology Tutor.
  • Mediastinal LN map: developed by Pallav Shah to encourage us to do more TBNAs!
  • Broncho guide: bronchoscopy anatomy with CT slices and bronchial anatomy, by Olympus
  • Lung nodule follow up app: Fleischner guidelines, based on 2014 updated guidelines or the calculator app by Cancer Research UK based on Brock and Herder risk prediction and volume doubling time
  • Pneumotox: a database of drug-induced respiratory disease
  • The Induction app: phone and bleep numbers for hospitals, updated by those working there. Options for saving door codes, passwords etc locally.

Websites (see links on homepage for others)


  • Northwick park Radiology course (worth doing early, more than you’ll need to know day to day, all the pearls, you’ll see 500+ films –  and you get a free book!).
  • All the BTS short courses are very good quality. Particularly recommended are the BTS Radiology course, the BTS NIV course, and the Update on PEs course.
  • London Deanery introduction to Bronchoscopy course – you will receive details about this interactive, theory- and simulator-based course on joining the programme
  • Brompton ILD course
  • ATS ILD course (worth going if you are at ATS anyway, good value and ideal to do in first few years)
  • The BTS has a list of non-BTS courses that may be of interest to members
  • Brompton Modules of Bronchoscopy course



  • Oxford Handbook of Respiratory Medicine: handy to have around the office and dip into on your commutes. Does get out of date so try to get the most up to date edition, but a broad concise covering of all major topics and the only handbag-sized comprehensive text.
  • Ernt’s Introduction to Bronchoscopy: good for increasing confidence when you have limited experience. Worth reading on your way in on days when you’re doing Bronch to remind yourself particularly of the anatomy.
  • Ellis’ Interpreting Chest X-rays: Steve Ellis, of Barts Hospital fame (and familiar to anyone who has been to the MDT there) provides a comprehensive but accessible look at chest x-ray interpretation. Spot on for Resp SpRs.
  • The Chest X-ray – a survival guide: the book you get free on the Northwick Park Radiology course. Accessible, with many example films

Academic publications

Crib sheets

We do not guarantee the content of these, but they are here to serve as examples of crib sheets created by Respiratory Consultants/SpRs for their own use in clinic. They are based on latest BTS/NICE guidelines. The process of creating or editing these sheets, alongside reading guidelines, is educational so we encourage you to adapt them for your own use. If you spot any omissions or mistakes, please let us know.



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