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ARCP Covid updates and GIM hours

The reduced ARCP competencies from last year are to be continued for the 2021 ARCP round – we are still awaiting the final list to be published (keep an eye out here), but for respiratory it is likely to be similar to 2020, i.e. approx. 50% reduction in number of assessments. PYAs remain suspended. When … Continue reading

Update on Barts and ITU rotations

Hi all! Apologies for the delay in posting this. Special thanks to everyone who had taken their time to complete the survey and your feedback had been extremely valuable in shaping the future of these posts. As you can see from the graph below, slightly more than half of the respondents would hope that the … Continue reading

News and opportunities May 2019

Firstly, congratulations and a massive thank you to LJ who has now moved on to her first consultant job south of river – she has done an incredible amount of work for the North East Thames programme, including the RespNET website which was her brainchild. Training Days There is a busy time coming up with … Continue reading

News and opportunities

Breaking news Happy New Year! The New Year is a time of hope and resolutions, so why not start the year as you mean to go on, by updating yourself with some great review articles and recent research pearls: Messika, Jonathan, et al. “A musical intervention for respiratory comfort during non-invasive ventilation in the ICU.” … Continue reading

News and opportunities

Breaking news Welcome to autumn, the season of falling leaves and rising flu rates! Get your (quadrivalent) flu jab ASAP, and read up on the impact of healthcare worker vaccination: Ahmed, Faruque, et al. “Effect of influenza vaccination of healthcare personnel on morbidity and mortality among patients: systematic review and grading of evidence.” Clinical infectious diseases 58.1 … Continue reading

News and Opportunities

Breaking news We hope you are all enjoying and surviving the current heatwave! Make sure you know how to advise your patients to stay well, by having a look at the BLF’s guidance on looking after yourself in the hot weather for those with a chronic lung disease. And why not read up on the … Continue reading

News and opportunities

Breaking news Spring has sprung! There are trees in bud everywhere. So of course TB is on our minds as we are in the UK’s TB hotspot. But tree-in-bud sign in fact has a wide differential – why not take this opportunity to have a browse of radiopaedia to remind yourself? We have a date … Continue reading

News and Opportunities

Breaking news Changeover is just around the corner once again. Please consider writing a handover document if one does not already exist for your post. Please use this template and annotate with all the essential information to make the transition for the SpR who follows you easy–> Resp guide for SpRs template. Now is also a great … Continue reading

GIM training – (some) info now on synapse

GIM training has been a little confusing, and a little absent, lately. But we are reassured that HEE has now got its act together and there is confusion no more! Unfortunately, despite our pleas, they have decided to run everything through Synapse (a leading contender for least user-friendly website ever made). So, you must make … Continue reading

News and opportunities

Breaking news WELCOME TO THE NEW ST3s who joined us in October. We hope everyone is settling into their new posts. We hope you had a smooth changeover. If you arrived in your new post and there was no written handover, why not write one to pass on organisational information? A handover document is a great … Continue reading

Respiratory training day

Ventilation (St Barts Hospital)January 31, 2023
Welcome to Ventilation training day!

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Pan-London GIM Training Day

Renal MedicineFebruary 23, 2023
Welcome to the Pan-London GIM Renal training day!

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