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Below you can find some useful apps for your day-to-day respiratory work and revision:

  • The Chest Reg app: concise summaries of common presentations and conditions, with calculators (eg predicted PEFR, Wells, COPD GOLD stage) –  created by a Chest SpR.
  • Lung cancer TNM staging app: from Lily, based on TNM 7. An alternative that is good is Radiology Tutor.
  • Mediastinal LN map: developed by Pallav Shah to encourage us to do more TBNAs!
  • Broncho guide: bronchoscopy anatomy with CT slices and bronchial anatomy, by Olympus
  • Lung nodule follow up app: Fleischner guidelines, based on 2014 updated guidelines or the calculator app by Cancer Research UK based on Brock and Herder risk prediction and volume doubling time
  • Pneumotox: a database of drug-induced respiratory disease
  • The Induction app: phone and bleep numbers for hospitals, updated by those working there. Options for saving door codes, passwords etc locally.

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