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Opportunity: Respiratory Clinical Leadership Group

A Clinical Leadership Group (CLG) for Respiratory medicine has recently been established for a London Respiratory Clinical Network within NHS England (London region). The role includes support, advice and guidance on all aspects of respiratory care to the London Clinical Senate and commissioners (specialist and local). The group recently sought expressions of interest to join the Respiratory Clinical Leadership Group and sought applications from experts in the field of all aspects of respiratory care:

  • Patient and carer representatives
  • Respiratory physicians (consultants and trainees)
  • Respiratory nurses and physiotherapists
  • Quit smoking specialists
  • Pharmacists, psychologists and physiologists
  • Primary care, and clinical commissioning group respiratory leaders
  • Specialist commissioning leads
  • Programme managers and
  • Assistant directors of Adult Social Services and directors of Public Health

 The Respiratory CLG brings together service users and leaders in respiratory care from across the capital to meet regularly both in person and by mail to:

  • Provide collective leadership to ensure comprehensive care across the entire patient journey and to address the five domains of the NHS Outcomes Framework
  • Participate in the decision making process in clinical service planning and delivery
  • Provide objective, evidence-based solutions on major clinical strategic decisions which address quality and safety issues across the capital
  • Debate, agree and develop clinical and pathway recommendations that improve patient care in London for consideration and implementation, including clinical service planning and reform, innovative models of care and service delivery with a particular focus on reducing inequalities in respiratory outcomes
  • Facilitate joint understanding and a holistic view of London’s health economy; to promote greater coordination and integration across all service areas and sites of care

A strong multi-disciplinary respiratory CLG for London has now been appointed. Sadly no trainees applied to be part of the group.  However, there are still lots of opportunities for respiratory clinicians, including trainees, to be involved in what we think is an exciting programme of work that has the potential to make a big difference to the outcomes and experiences of Londoners living with respiratory illnesses.

So, if you want to get involved what should you do?

  1. complete the form below (form designed to not to be too much work with a focus on thinking what goes in it!)
  2. send it to Julie Lees and cc to Louise Restrick with a covering email outlining this is an application from a respiratory trainee who would like to be involved
  3. wait to see what matches the CLG can make within their work to align to your interests
  4. make a difference to the lives of Londoners living with Respiratory disease

Information provided by Dr Louise RestrickIntegrated Consultant Respiratory Physician, Whittington Health and Islington CCG, London Respiratory Network Lead

Application form available here. respiratory-clg application form


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