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Jobs/Research opportunities

  • Prof Graham Bothamley is looking for a clinical research fellow working  50% clinical 50% research from October 2015. Get in touch with him directly if interested, or talk to Jess for a bit more info.
  • A potential opportunity has come up at QMUL for a SpR to do a PhD investigating effects of vitamin D on resolution of community-acquired pneumonia. The project would involve in vitro work and an in vivo proof of concept study. Supervision would be by Adrian Martineau and Mauro Perretti.  The project would come with 3 years’ clinical salary and PhD fees and consumables, and is therefore quite an opportunity! Remember to factor in the rules around OOPRs and the necessary permissions and notice to the TPD and LETB.


  • The next Respiratory Training Programme Management Committee will be held on Mon 23rd March. Let us know what you are concerned about and what you want us to discuss.

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