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Dr Ricardo Jose publishes review on opportunistic infections of the lung

Congratulations to North East Thames trainee Dr Ricardo Jose who has co-authored a review with Prof Jerry Brown in the journal, Medicine. The journal is aimed at trainees and all new articles are planned, commissioned and produced in conjunction with Chapter Editors, highly regarded experts within their specialty (play spot the big name whilst browsing the articles and editors!).

The article is on “Opportunistic bacterial, viral and fungal infections of the lung” a key area in the curriculum which may not be covered frequently as part of day to day practice. It gives a concise but comprehensive overview of: types of immune defects according to disease/treatment and the range of commonly associated pathogens; antiviral treatments for Respiratory viruses; and anti-fungal treatment choices (first and second line)

Key points include:

  • Knowledge of the immune defect helps to narrow down the potential pathogens
  • CT of the chest is better than radiographs at defining the radiological pattern of disease in immunocompromised hosts
  • In selected patients, early bronchoscopy increases the yield of microbiological identification of a potential pathogen
  • Prolonged high-dose glucocorticoids (>20 mg/day for >21 days) predispose to Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia (PJP)

For more, read the full text article here:


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