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Dr LJ Smith publishes systematic review on prognostic scores in COPD

Congratulations to North East Thames trainee Dr LJ Smith who has published a systematic review on prognostic scores identifying the end of life in COPD.

The was was undertaken during OOPR at Imperial College London, supervised by Dr Jennifer Quint.

The review concludes that a number of variables contributing to the prediction of all-cause mortality in COPD have been identified. However, there were very few studies that are designed to assess, or report, the prediction of mortality at or less than 12 months. The quality of evidence remains low, such that no single variable or multivariable score can currently be recommended.

It provides a useful summary of existing predictive scores some of which are well known such as BODE, but others perhaps less well known such as adaptations of BODE  (BODEx, eBODE, mBODE), comorbidity scores, and ADO for use in the community. Groups of prognostic factors not given numerical scores (such as the GSF, SPICT and NECPAL) are also highlighted.  There is an extensive reference list, likely to be useful for anyone interested in caring for those with advanced COPD approaching the end of life.

For more, read the full text article here (open access):



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