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NET Training Day: Whittington Hospital – 03/06/15

In June we congregated at the Whittington for a day focused on smoking cessation. Introduction Dr Myra Stern welcomed us and set the scene by giving some context to the quit smoking debate and reframing smoking cessation as treatment for tobacco dependance. She reminded us that there are diverse views on smoking, and prominent characters who are vocal in … Continue reading

GIM Pearls: GIM Training Day at Newham 05/02/15

For those of you who did not make it to the latest GIM Training Day at Newham here are some GIM pearls from the talks. Asthma – from getting the basics right to beyond step 5 Dr Nivenka Jayasekera highlighted the results of The National Review of Asthma Deaths which reported that 3 people die from asthma a day, and … Continue reading

James Brown asks “are lung CD4 cells bothered?” in his editorial on HIV-related COPD in this month’s blue journal

NET Respiratory trainees are highly successful, but it’s sometimes difficult to keep track of what everyone is up to. We would like to start highlighting the achievements of all SpRs on the programme, including research, education, leadership, quality improvement and personal development. Over the next few months we’d like to start collating past achievements so … Continue reading

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Ventilation (St Barts Hospital)January 31, 2023
65 days to go.

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Palliative Care/Oncology (Online)December 8, 2022
11 days to go.

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