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NET Training Day: UCLH 09/03/18

In March we met at UCLH. Many thanks to Toby Hillman for co-ordinating a great day, looking beyond the basics. Beyond Asthma – advanced assessment of wheeze and breathlessness James Hull started the day with a case history of a patient with a 5year history of progressive breathlessness. CPEX revealed reduced breathing frequency. The flow volume loop showed … Continue reading

Congratulations to Adam Ainley on his book publication!

Congratulations to Adam Ainley and co-authors, who have added another book to add to our RespNet library. Oxford Case Histories in Lung Cancer, uses real cases to illustrate how to highlight the importance of taking an evidence-based approach to clinical decision making. It includes a comprehensive selection of 40 clinical cases that reflects the multidisciplinary … Continue reading

Get ahead of lung cancer screening with Dr Mamta Ruparel’s recent publication

With the recent report of the NELSON trial finding that the use of low dose CT screening among asymptomatic men at high risk for lung cancer led to a 26% (9-41%, 95% CI) reduction in lung cancer deaths at 10 years of study follow-up (at 86% compliance), Lung Cancer screening looks more and more likely … Continue reading

RSM horizons 1 day course: thoracic intervention and surgery to cure lung cancer

Interested in lung cancer care, now and in the future? Why not join the RSM Cardiothoracic section for a TED-style meeting to address the cutting-edge solutions and technologies needed to cure lung cancer on Friday Nov 11th? “In a series of TED-style talks, this meeting will take us on the journey for the lung cancer … Continue reading

Mamta Ruparel publishes editorial in Thorax on Lung Cancer screening

Congratulations to North East Thames trainee and research fellow at the Lungs for Living Research Centre at UCL, Mamta Ruparel, who has co-authored an Editorial in Thorax with Prof Sam Janes. They argue that the UK health system serves its patients with lung cancer poorly, with a 13% 5-year survival attributed largely to late-stage presentation. Approximately 70% of … Continue reading

Breaking news: Training day at Barts/RLH on 20th Jan IS happening

Apologies for any confusion, but it turns out that the next training day is not in Harlow in February, but is at Barts/ Royal London on 20th January. This date had been circulated as a provisional date so hopefully you all made arrangements to cancel clinic in advance and are able to attend. The programme … Continue reading

Royal London Hospital

The Royal London Hospital is a large teaching hospital in Whitechapel. It is part of Barts Health NHS Trust. The Royal London provides district general hospital services for the City and Tower Hamlets and specialist tertiary care services for patients from across London and elsewhere. There are 675 beds in the new building which opened in February … Continue reading

Mamta Ruparel publishes editorial in AJRCCM

Mamta Ruparel, a North East Thames trainee, and current member of the Lungs for Living Research Group at UCL, has published an editorial in the blue journal entitled “Fulfilling the Dream: Toward Reducing Inequalities in Lung Cancer Screening.” Mamta and Neal Navani, review evidence for low dose CT lung cancer screening and consider the reasons for differences … Continue reading

NET Training Day: Whittington Hospital – 03/06/15

In June we congregated at the Whittington for a day focused on smoking cessation. Introduction Dr Myra Stern welcomed us and set the scene by giving some context to the quit smoking debate and reframing smoking cessation as treatment for tobacco dependance. She reminded us that there are diverse views on smoking, and prominent characters who are vocal in … Continue reading

BTS Winter 2014: the RespNET round-up

December is here, which means several things for respiratory physicians: more infective exacerbations, requests from family members for cough remedies, the elusive search for the perfect lung-based present, and of course the BTS Winter meeting! Scanning through the programme, it’s striking how many familiar names from the NorthEast Thames programme pop out. So, to celebrate all … Continue reading

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