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Get ahead of lung cancer screening with Dr Mamta Ruparel’s recent publication

With the recent report of the NELSON trial finding that the use of low dose CT screening among asymptomatic men at high risk for lung cancer led to a 26% (9-41%, 95% CI) reduction in lung cancer deaths at 10 years of study follow-up (at 86% compliance), Lung Cancer screening looks more and more likely to be coming to the UK. Any screening programme has inherent challenges, with a need to balance risks and benefits. Cancer services will need to build in pathways to deal with incidental findings, and a co-ordinated national programme will need to ensure that those at risk are able to access screening programmes, and are able to make informed decisions about whether to undergo screening. Dr Mamta Ruparel, a North East Thames trainee, has recently completed her PhD on Implementing LDCT lung cancer screening in the UK: finding an evidence base for practical strategies  with the Lungs for Living Research Centre group at UCL, so she knows plenty about this hot topic!

Why not read her latest publication:

She found that a national lung cancer screening programme would be well-received in principle. Importantly, she and the research group identified a need to communicate the survival benefits of early-stage diagnosis, address concerns about surgery, and minimise anxiety and stigma related to lung cancer risk, in order to improve smokers’ participation in a screening programme. 

We look forward to more papers with impact from this PhD!

Have Mamta’s achievements inspired you to get involved in research? Have a look at our research pages for advice on how to get started.



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