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BTS Winter 2015 – looking forward

We are really looking forward to the BTS Winter Meeting 2015, just days away, from 2nd – 4th December.

Having had a quick look through the programme we have highlighted some stand out sessions, and the contribution of North East Thames trainees and Consultants in a list below. We hope you will support all presenters on the days you attend. If you spot anyone we’ve missed out (there will definitely be some), please get in touch so we can add your/their session to the list.

LJ will be attending the Specialist Trainees Advisory Group Special Advisory Group Open Meeting 3.15pm on Thursday 3rd. If you would like to come you are of course very welcome. We have submitted some thoughts on training issues (good and bad) to the committee already, but if there is anything in particular you would like us to raise please get in touch.

We will be at the President’s Reception on Thursday 3rd December, 5.30pm in the Britten Room on the 3rd floor, for free drinks and socialising. This is a great opportunity to chat outside the training days or hospitals. Please come and find us and say hi. We will be moving on to a pub afterwards and would love for you to join us.

And of course, if you can’t be there every day (or at all) you can follow the discussions on Twitter, using the hashtag #BTSWinter2015. We expect @drlaurajane @veggielungdoc @LungConsultant @speak2matt @DrJessPotter @drajmackay @DrJoPorter and @tobyhillman amongst others to keep you in the loop.



  • 11.50am: S30 Nutrition and exercise rehabilitation in obesity hypoventilation syndrome (NERO): a pilot randomised controlled trial. S Mandal, ES Suh, R Harding, A VaughanFrance, M Ramsay, B Connolly, D Bear, H McLaughlin, S Greenwood, M Polkey, M Elliott, A Douiri, J Moxham, N Hart. St James, 4th Floor
  • 1.15pm – 2.50pm: P26 Measuring the value of a consultant-led community respiratory (CORE) multidisciplinary team (MDT) in a deprived inner city area: achieving parity in respiratory care for housebound sick patients. M Heightman, D Dullaghan, A Rafferty, E Jones, H Townes, L Gardiner, J Dzingai, C Nimoh-Bing, H Broomfield, G Fabris, R Dharmagunawardena, L Restrick, M Stern. Abbey, 4th Floor & P21 The applicability of current cardiovascular risk scores and cardiovascular surrogates in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a case-control study. IS Stone, MJ Khanji, W-Y James, A Balawon, R Boubertakh, L John, NC Barnes, SE Petersen
  • 2.20pm: S37 The response of objectively-measured cough to treatment in tuberculosis: an exploratory study. RD Turner, SS Birring, GH Bothamley. Rutherford, 4th floor.
  • 2.50pm: S39 Preliminary results of a latent tuberculosis screening and treatment project and the role of TB services in secondary care. MGK Burman, G Ahmed, JL Potter, VLCWhite, N Jayasekera, H Kunst.


  • 8.35am: S47 Neural respiratory drive responses to increases in continuous positive airway pressure in healthy subjects. ES Suh, S Mandal, MC Ramsay, G Rafferty, J Moxham, N Hart. Abbey, 4th floor.
  • 8.50am: S42 Transbronchial cryobiopsies in the diagnosis of interstitial lung diseases – first UK experience. TA Mikolasch, E Borg, R Thakrar, V Holmes, HL Booth, JC Porter, N Navani. Westminster, 4th floor.

12.15pm – 1.45pm Open session UKRRC – Getting your respiratory research funded; what’s out there and how to access it. Rutherford/4th.

  • 2.50pm: S81 Feasibility and uptake of enhanced smoking cessation services within ambulatory HIV care. C Kyriacou, N Stewart, A Melville, J Brown, K Edwards, R Lloyd, M Johnson, J Flint, A Rodger, M Lipman. Westminster, 4th floor.
  • 2-3.15pm: A five-year analysis of an integrated COPD service in Hackney, London – is this the right direction? A Garner, M Hodson, G Ketsetzis, A Bhowmik. Cambridge, 5th floor.
  • 2-3.25pm: P112 CPAP role on the perioperative outcomes of patients with obstructive sleep apnoea. VM Macavei, D King, J Sumpter, M Berger, OE Mohr, J Mitic, TC O’Shaughnessy. Windsor, 5th floor.
  • 3.15-4.45pm: P137 ‘I really live for coming here’. The effect of a long-term singing group on control of breathlessness, social empowerment and psychological wellbeing of patients with respiratory disease: a qualitative study. R Thomas, H Williams, M SternRutherford 4th floor.
  • 3.30-5.30pm: P171 A local cancer network root cause audit of 62-day lung cancer pathway breaches. O Eneje, N Kumar, D Powrie, B Yung, M Lawson. Abbey, 4th floor.
  • 4.50pm: S86 The anti-inflammatory effects of pneumolysin. JN Periselneris, T James, M Noursadeghi, JS Brown. St James 4th floor.

5.30pm – 7.15pm Britten, 3rd Floor THE PRESIDENT’S RECEPTION – All welcome!


  • 9.50am: S97 Severity of lung but not liver disease impacts cardiovascular risk in alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency S Samanta, AD Saleh, B Gooptu, A Marshall, D Thorburn, DA Lomas, JR Hurst. Moore 4th floor.
  • 2.50pm: S131 Deficiency mutations of α1-antitrypsin differentially affect folding, function and polymerisation I Haq, JA Irving, AD Saleh, L Dron, GL Regan-Mochrie, N MotamediShad, JR Hurst, DA Lomas, B Gooptu. Abbey 4th floor.
  • 1.45 – 3.25pm: P217 Chronic mucus hypersecretion may represent a biomarker of airways disease activity rather than simply a phenotype: a longitudinal study of a nationally representative British birth cohort. JP Allinson, R Hardy, GC Donaldson, SO Shaheen, D Kuh, JA Wedzicha & P226 Impaired respiratory health status in the UK HIV infected population despite the use of antiretroviral therapy JP Brown, J McGowan, S Capocci, C Smith, D Ivens, F Lampe, M Johnson, L Sathia, A Rodger, M Lipman. Moore 4th floor.
  • 2-3pm: P240 Validation of the Leicester cough questionnaire in pulmonary tuberculosis. RD Turner, GH Bothamley, SS Birring. Rutherford 4th floor.
  • 2-3pm: M26 Tweeting is teaching – #RespEd: free, open-access Twitter educational resource for trainees and specialists in respiratory medicine RW Lee, LJ Smith, T Hillman. Cambridge 5th floor.
  • 3.10 – 4.50pm: P253 Isoniazid and multi-drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis: the East London experience. H Liddicoat, S Mohd-Afzal, J Potter, V White, N Jayasekera, M Darmalingam, H Kunst & P257 Modern day scrofulous swellings: breast tuberculosis in East London. BJ Butler, A Khanam, VLC White, N Jayasekera, JL Potter, H Kunst P259 Central nervous system tuberculosis: diagnostic difficulties. L Macpherson, R Cuthbert, J Potter, V White, N Jayasera, H Kunst Windsor 5th floor 
  • 3.30-4.40pm: P272 Managing suspected pulmonary embolism in an ambulatory setting: the Barking Havering & Redbridge University Hospitals experience. F Kleidona, A Salehi, C Dunne, A Choudhury, RH Johns. St James, 4th floor.

What a programme! Enjoy!


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