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BTS Winter 2016: The RespNET roundup

December is here, which means infective exacerbations, flu-jabs galore, the search for the perfect lung-themed gift, and of course the BTS Winter meeting!


Once again, it’s striking how many familiar names from the NorthEast Thames programme feature in the programme. So, to celebrate all the great research being conducted in our region, below are your RespNET highlights. You can read all the abstracts in this month’s Thorax supplement.

If you are considering doing research you may wish to speak to some of the presenting trainees about their experiences, and to some of the Consultants about their current and future research interests. OOPR takes a lot of organisation so get inspired at the BTS and then start planning ahead.

Whether you’re interested in doing research or not, keeping up to date with advances in Respiratory medicine is of course essential. The Respiratory Futures trainees forum (supported by the BTS) is a growing resource full of papers, podcasts, reviews, books and websites that are useful to trainees. If you are planning to take the SCE next year you will be particularly interested in resources tagged SCE, but there is something for trainees at every stage, with everything mapped to the curriculum. To highlight the forum the @Resptrainees twitter feed is celebrating The 12 days of #Respmas. Each day resources linked to a different Respiratory topic are tweeted – we are up to day 5 today. You don’t need to be a Twitter user to have a look at the tweets so have a read and singalong!

LJ will be attending the Specialist Trainees Advisory Group Open Meeting 3.15pm on Thursday 8th in the Victoria Suite. It would be great to see some of you there. We have submitted some thoughts on training issues to the committee already, but if there is anything in particular you would like us to raise, or questions you would like to ask, please get in touch.

We will be at the President’s Reception on Thursday 8th December, 5.30pm in the Britten Room on the 3rd floor, for free drinks and socialising. Please come and find us and say hello.

And of course, if you can’t be there you can follow the discussions on Twitter, using the hashtag #BTSWinter2016. We expect @drlaurajane @veggielungdoc @LungConsultant @DrJessPotter @drajmackay @jamesmurray07 @huffedandpuffed @DrJoPorter and @tobyhillman amongst others to keep you in the loop.

Wednesday morning

  • Spoken session 08.45-10.15am: Lung cancer biology and mechanisms (Abbey/4th). S6 MMP12 and LM07, two key players on opposing sides of early lung squamous cell carcinoma development. A Barrett, S Lourenco, K Kolluri, B Carroll, M Falzon, E Borg, J George, SM Janes, VH Teixeira. UCL.
  • Spoken session 08.45-10.15am: Lung cancer biology and mechanisms (Abbey/4th). S9 The role of LRIG1-dependant EGFR signalling in airway homeostasis and squamous cell lung cancer development L Succony, KHC Gowers, RE Hynds, R Thakrar, A Giangreco, D Davies, S Janes. UCL.

Wednesday afternoon

  • Moderated poster discussion 2.00-3.10pm: Attitudes and barriers to healthcare (Cambridge/5th). M8 Asthma management in an inner-city teaching hospital emergency department – real life after NRAD. FR Ali, Z Mangera, A Downes, S Obaray. Barts Health.
  • Poster discussion 2.00-3.45pm: Clinical aspects of pulmonary vascular disease (Albert/2nd). P26 CT abdomen and pelvis for unprovoked PE – what is the best practice? R Wahida, S Ahmed, B Saunders, N How, M Anwar. Princess Alexandra Hospital.
  • Poster discussion 2.30-4.05pm: Clinical studies in COPD (Abbey/4th). P59 Factors influencing step-up to LAMA+LABA/ICS in COPD patients initially on LAMA monotherapy – a THIN database study. JR Hurst, M Dilleen, K Morris, S Hills, B Emir, R Jones. UCL.
  • Poster discussion 2.30-4.15pm: Sleep apnoea and NIV (St James/4th). P74 NIV delivered on a standard respiratory unit compared to use in level 2 care setting – is there an ideal service delivery model? A Jayadev, K Mcvinnie, I Moonsie. The Royal Free & North Middlesex Hospitals.

Thursday morning

  • Spoken session: Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis – mechanisms (Moore/4th). S49 The role of platelet-derived TGFB in Pulmonary Fibrosis. DLW Chong, C Rebeyrol, A Khawaja, EJ Forty, N Kanda, CJ Scotton, JC Porter. UCL.
  • Spoken session: Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis – mechanisms (Moore/4th). S51 mTOR regulates TGF-B induced pro-fibrotic gene expression in primary human lung fibroblasts. HV Woodcock, JD Eley, C Nanthakumar, TM Maher, PF Mercer, RC Chambers. UCL.

Thursday afternoon

  • Spoken session: Acute Lung Injury and ILD (Rutherford/4th). S77 Modulatory effects of rheumatoid arthritis IgG on neutrophil activation: a potential role in RA-ILD. AA Khawaja, C Pericleous, VM Ripoli, HL Booth, V Holmes, T Mikolasch, I Giles, JC Porter. UCL.
  • Spoken session: Tuberculosis – from screening to side effects (Moore/4th). S88 Neither UK TB infection testing guideline appears cost-effective in a contemporary HIV infected population. S Capocci, J Sewell, C Smith, I Cropley, S Bhagani, A Solomalai, S Morris, I Abubakar, MA Johnson, MCI Lipman. Royal Free Hospital and UCL.
  • Poster discussion 2.00-3.00pm: Improving lung cancer care and outcomes (Windsor/5th). P103 Apples and pears? A comparison of two sources of lung cancer data in England. A Khakwani, R Hubbard, R Jack, N Wood, S Vernon, P Beckett, N Navani, S Harden, R Dickinson, I Woolhouse.
  • Poster discussion 2.00-3.00pm: Improving lung cancer care and outcomes (Windsor/5th). P104 Results of the first analysis of National Lung Cancer Audit data based on cancer registration data. P Beckett, A Khakwani, R Hubbard, S Vernon, R Jack, N Wood, B Plewa, N McAndrew, R Dickinson, N Navani, S Harden, I Woolhouse.
  • Poster discussion 2.00-3.35pm: Tuberculosis – clinical aspects (Moore/4th). P118 How do foreign-born patients with TB access healthcare? A cohort analysis of referrals from general practice and the emergency department to a tertiary TB service. S Conway, A Pitcher, S Dart, D Vaghela, MGK Burman, J Potter, VLC White, S Tiberi, H Kunst. Barts Health.
  • Poster discussion 3.30-5.05pm: Disease progression and burden in obstructive lung disease (Windsor/5th). P136 Relationship between progression of lung disease in alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency and cardiovascular risk. C Hall, S Samanta, N Verma, B Gooptu, JR Hurst. UCL & Royal Free.
  • Poster discussion 3.30-5.20pm: Treating IPF (Westminster/4th). P162 Current Interstitial Lung Disease specialist MDT provision across the UK. TA Mikolasch, H Garthwaite, J Porter. UCL.
  • Poster discussion 3.30-5.20pm: Treating IPF (Westminster/4th). P163 Surgical lung biopsy in the diagnosis of ILD – a systematic literature review. TA Mikolasch, A Marshall, A Salam, JC Porter. UCL.

Friday morning

  • Moderated poster discussion 8.45 – 2.30pm. Symptom assessment and investigation of lung disease (Cambridge/5th). M12 TRPV1 polymorphism in chronic cough – no evidence for an effect on objective measurements of cough. RD Turner, E Bourne, SS Birring, SO Shaheen, GH Bothamley. Homerton Hospital.
  • Moderated poster discussion 8.45 – 2.30pm. Symptom assessment and investigation of lung disease (Cambridge/5th). M17 Limited value of baseline chest radiography in adults with non-tuberculous mycobacteria. ME Murphy, NM Shah, T Bharucha, C Cash, JR Cleverley, IM Cropley, S Hopkins, MCI Lipman. UCL & Royal Free.
  • Moderated poster discussion 8.45 – 2.30pm. Symptom assessment and investigation of lung disease (Cambridge/5th). M19 Patient perspectives of an ambulatory pleural service. N Devani, U Gupta, R Kaiser, RH Johns. Barking, Havering and Redbridge.
  • Spoken session 10.30-12.00: Interventional trials (Westminster/4th). S115 HOT-HMV UK trial secondary outcome analysis: early readmission is reduced by the addition of home mechanical ventilation to home oxygen therapy in COPD patients with chronic respiratory failure following a life-threatening exacerbation. PB Murphy, G Arbane, S Bourke, P Calverley, A Crooks, L Dowson, N Duffy, GJ Gibson, P Hughes, JR Hurst, K Lewis, R Mukherjee, A Nickol, N Oscroft, J Pepperell, S Rehal, I Smith, J Stradling, W Wedzicha, MI Polkey, M Elliott, N Hart. Royal Free Hospital (amongst others)

Friday afternoon

  • Spoken session 1.30-3pm: Novel approaches to lung cancer screening (Windsor/5th). S128 Lungsearch – a RCT of surveillance for the early detection of lung cancer in a high risk group. S Spiro, P Shah, R Rintoul, J George, S Janes, M Callister, M Novelli, P Shaw, C Griffiths, M Falzon, G Kocjan, R Booton, N Magee, M Peake, P Dhillon, K Sridharan, J Allen, N Chinyanganya, V Ashford-Turner, N Counsell, A Hacksaw. UCL (amongst others)
  • Spoken session 1.30-3pm: Novel approaches to lung cancer screening (Windsor/5th). S130 The prevalence of undiagnosed COPD on spirometry and emphysema on low-dose CT scans in a lung cancer screening demonstration pilot – a teachable moment. C Horst, M Ruparel, S Quaife, A Ahmed, M Taylor, A Bhowmik, S Burke, P Shaw, A McEwen, J Waller, DR Baldwin, N Navani, R Thakrar, SM Janes. UCL, Homerton Hospital (amongst others).
  • Poster discussion 1.30-3.15pm: Service design and delivery (Moore/4th). P206 Achieving responsible oxygen prescribing to improve value – London care homes. C Lock, M Gardner, L Restrick, S Williams, M Buxton, M Haastrup, B Krishek, V Mak, D Roots, I Patel.
  • Poster discussion 2.00-3.35pm: Respiratory physiology (Albert/2nd floor). P259 Cost analysis of implementing a PE pathway incorporating 3-level Wells scoring, PERC rules and age-adjusted D-dimers.
    A Mahmood, C Durrans, S Naik, M Anwar. Princess Alexandra Hospital.

Please let us know if we have missed anyone from the list and we will add them. Thank you.


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