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Respiratory Training Days

Whittington Training Day 05/06/19 – programme released

Making a difference in challenging respiratory situations.

Wednesday 5th June 2019 9am – 4.45pm

Venue: Whittington Education Centre Room 7 (and 6 for workshops)

0900-0910SIGN IN 
0910-0915Welcome, introduction to the dayDr Louise RestrickIntegrated Consultant Respiratory Physician, Whittington Health 
0915-0935One patient story from a respiratory mental health clinic: how challenging can it get? Part IDr Louise Restrick, Integrated Consultant Respiratory Physician20 mins
0935-1015What do you need to know and do when caring for respiratory patients with serious mental illness?Dr Lucinda DonaldsonConsultant Liaison Psychiatrist, Camden and Islington Mental Health Trust30 mins talk + 10 discussion
1015-1055Why you should be asking respiratory patients ‘Do you have somewhere safe to go when you leave hospital?’Alex Bax, Chief Executive, Pathway30 mins talk + 10 discussion
1055-1115One patient story: how challenging can it get? Part IIDr Sara Lock, Integrated Consultant Respiratory Physician & Lung Cancer Lead, Whittington Health20 mins
1115-1135BREAK20 mins
1135-1215What do we know about tobacco … and smoked drugs …. and what does NICE 2019 tell us about treating tobacco dependence in lung cancer? Dr Sara Lock, Lung Cancer lead, Whittington Health30 mins talk + 10 discussion
1215-1255How should we be treating opiate and cannabis addiction as respiratory teams; – smoked and other routes?Dr Sarah Minot, Consultant in Addiction Psychiatry & Lead Consultant Better Lives30 mins talk + 10discussion
1255-1345LUNCH50 mins
1345-1445Workshops 1: Prescribing for respiratory patients – addictions & mental illness 
 A. Hands on prescribing for tobacco dependenceDr Louise Restrick, Integrated Consultant Respiratory Physician20 mins
 B. Hands on prescribing in serious mental illnessDr Lucinda Donaldson, Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist20 mins
 C. Hands on prescribing for heroin and cannabis dependenceDr Sarah Minot, Consultant in Addiction Psychiatry20 mins
1445-1500BREAK15 mins
1500-1600Advanced Care Planning & DNACPR Decision-Making with Respiratory PatientsDr Anna Gorringe, Consultant Palliative Care Physician, Whittington Health &Dr Anna Gerratt, Integrated Consultant Respiratory Physician, Whittington Health60 mins
1600-1620Journal ClubScreening heroin smokers attending community drug services for COPDBurhan et al Chest 2019; 155(2):279-287  doi.org/10.1016/j.chest.2018.08.1049 Dr David Hobden, Respiratory SpR20 mins
1620-1645SPR business and feedback25 mins

Theme is: Making a difference in challenging respiratory situations.Could the details of the paper for journal club – relevant to the theme of the day be shared in the email as realize trainees may not look at the programme detail till on the day?
Screening heroin smokers attending community drug services for COPD.
Burhan et al Chest 2019; 155(2):279-287  doi.org/10.1016/j.chest.2018.08.1049


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