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Preparing for the end

How to prepare for PYR & CCT The big picture For you to CCT you need to convince a panel of people that you are a fully trained, competent, safe, independent physician, practicing high-quality evidence-based, patient-centred Respiratory and GIM. No big deal right! The key to getting through the process smoothly, is to know the … Continue reading

Transition to the new Respiratory / Internal Medicine curricula

The new curriculums for respiratory and general internal medicine are starting in August 2022, to coincide with the end of the first year of IMT3. There is a lot of information available about this on the JRCPTB website, including on the JRCPTB transition page here. Everyone will be expected to transition to the new curriculum … Continue reading

Provisional training day list 2022

June – BTS Summer meeting (23-24/6/22) July – Pleural disease (date tbc) August – SCE preparation (date tbc) September – Radiology (date tbc) October – HIV (date tbc) November – Pulmonary Vascular disease including PE (08/11/2022) Dececember – BTS Winter meeting (23-25/11/22)

Programmes for Physiology & Sarcoid training days

Pan-London/KSS Respiratory Physiology Training Day 8th February 2022 08:45-09:00 Introduction 09:00 – 09:45: Physiology and Management of Chronic Cough Dr Peter Cho (Consultant Respiratory Physician, King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust) 09:45 – 10:30: Exercise Physiology in Pulmonary Hypertension Dr Gulam Haji (Consultant Respiratory Physician, Imperial College Health Care NHS Trust, Hammersmith Hospital) 10:30 – … Continue reading

How to access video recordings for training days

HEE has now moved over to the new system of uploading training day recordings to an MS teams channel. London trainees should be able to log in using their personal email addresses (which they normally receive HEE emails on), which HEE have given access to the channel. The channel can be found here. We are … Continue reading

New GIM training days

At very short notice (why??), HEE have announced two new training days in September: Sustainability – Tues 14th September at 10am Sign up here Personal Development Session – Mon 27th September at 2pm Sign up here 2pm Understanding the NHS 1: NHS Structure and relationships 2.45pm Understanding the NHS 2: NHS finance and budgeting 3.30pm … Continue reading

Programme for cough training day released

Programme This is our first NATIONAL respiratory training day focussing on COUGH from some of the UK’s most pre-eminent cough experts. 0930                        Welcome (Prof Surinder Birring / Dr James Hull) CHAIR James Hull 0930-0955               Chronic Refractory Cough –size and nature of the problem (Prof Surinder Birring) 0955-1020               Cough Hypersensitivity Syndrome– what is it and how can it … Continue reading

ARCP Covid updates and GIM hours

The reduced ARCP competencies from last year are to be continued for the 2021 ARCP round – we are still awaiting the final list to be published (keep an eye out here), but for respiratory it is likely to be similar to 2020, i.e. approx. 50% reduction in number of assessments. PYAs remain suspended. When … Continue reading

RespNet and Training days update

Just a quick update on a few things: Training days– if at any point you are unsure when the next GIM and Resp training days will be, please refer to RespNet (if Synapse is too slow or too complicated to use) and the most current post on the front page has all the current advertised … Continue reading

(Updated on 27/11/20) Virtual training days: Autumn 2020

Date & Time Venue Topic Booking Link 28/10/2020 09:00 – 11:30 MS Teams online GIM training – GUM/HIV Click here  13/11/202014:00 – 16:00 MS Teams online GIM training – haematology Click here 26/11/202014:00 – 17:00 MS Teams online GIM training – oncology/ palliative care Click here 11/12/202014.00 – 17.00 MS Teams online GIM training – endocrine … Continue reading

Respiratory training day

Ventilation (St Barts Hospital)January 31, 2023
Welcome to Ventilation training day!

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Pan-London GIM Training Day

Renal MedicineFebruary 23, 2023
Welcome to the Pan-London GIM Renal training day!

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