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RespNet and Training days update

Just a quick update on a few things:

  1. Training days
    – if at any point you are unsure when the next GIM and Resp training days will be, please refer to RespNet (if Synapse is too slow or too complicated to use) and the most current post on the front page has all the current advertised training dates and the links to register to the training days. We always update it as soon as we are sent the dates.
    – For Resp training days – we have all been sent the training days until the end of this year. The next training days following that will be the 2nd Tuesday of Jan 2021 and 9 March 2021. As these training days have not yet been advertised, they are not 100% confirmed but this notification is just to give you some warning/time to plan for it (e.g. apply for leave/cancel clinic). I am sure you can always reinstate your clinics if the dates change later on due to unforeseen circumstances.
    – There is no training day in February 2021 due to BTS winter. The TPDs have not planned for April yet.
  2. RespNet
    – Some may not have noticed. We have created a “Video Recordings” section under the Training Days tab where all the past GIM/Resp training days Teams recordings are kept. This is to make it easier for you to access them rather than accessing them via some convoluted way on Synapse – useful if you want to look back at those training days or to view them fresh if you have missed some of those days.
    – Most of the things that you want to know now have specific sections on the dropdown menu for each tab. There is now a new “Leave” menu that has dropdown sections explaining the process of requesting maternity leave and study leave. The FAQ dropdown menu will bring you directly to the sections you wish to read such as applying for OOP, arranging other respiratory experiences (such as Pulmonary hypertension,  Occupational lung disease, etc), requirements for Level 1 thoracic ultrasounds, etc.
    – We will be working on another post on “relocation fees/process” soon.
    – If you feel that we have missed some things out, please let us know and we can create/update that information.
    – We have tried to make RespNet as user-friendly as possible and as little clicks as possible to get you directly to the post that you wish to read. Please do give us some feedback if you think there is more room for improvement.
  3. Update on each hospital within NECL
    – Finally, we would be very grateful if you could complete the survey below if you have worked in the following hospitals from Apr – Oct 2020. This is so we could get the latest information about the hospitals to be updated onto RespNet which will hopefully help guide your future colleagues on their next choices of hospitals for training.
    – Newham (Neena), Royal Free Resp (Eleni/Aarash), Whipps Cross (Martin/Oscar/Nina) and Royal London Resp (Brinnie/Richard/Ryan). It would be adequately helpful if only one of you from each of these hospitals completing the survey below.
    – https://forms.gle/qbmxebzmgEPqG59R7
    – We have only managed to update 3 hospitals so far on RespNet. Apologies for the delay. We will work on the rest ASAP.

That is all for now. We will aim to write to you more regularly with updates next time to avoid lengthy emails such as this! Hopefully we could all get together (in person) soon again for training days and keep staying well and staying safe!


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