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Programme for cough training day released


This is our first NATIONAL respiratory training day focussing on COUGH from some of the UK’s most pre-eminent cough experts.

0930                        Welcome (Prof Surinder Birring / Dr James Hull)

CHAIR James Hull

0930-0955               Chronic Refractory Cough –size and nature of the problem (Prof Surinder Birring)

0955-1020               Cough Hypersensitivity Syndrome– what is it and how can it be diagnosed? (Prof Alyn Morice)

1020-1055               Assessing and measuring cough (Dr Peter Cho)

1055-1110            Break

CHAIR Surinder Birring

1110-1135               Reflux and cough or cough and reflux?  (Dr Terry Wong)

1135-1200               Rhinitis and cough – does PND exist? (Prof Hesham Saleh)

1200-1225               The larynx and cough (Dr James Hull)

1225-1315            Lunch

CHAIR      Lorcan McGarvey

1315-1340               Approaching the treatment of cough and setting up a service (Dr Richard Turner)

1340-1405               New treatments for cough (Prof Jacky Smith)

1405-1415            Break

CHAIRS    Lorcan McGarvey / Surinder Birring      

1415-1440               Non pharmacological treatments (Dr Sarah Chamberlain-Mitchell / Julia Selby)

1440-1455               Management of stress incontinence (Prof Linda Cardozo)

1455-1510               Next steps in cough research and how can trainees get involved? (Prof Lorcan McGarvey)

1510-1530               Concluding remarks (Prof Surinder Birring / Dr James Hull)


4 thoughts on “Programme for cough training day released

  1. How can I attend this please.

    Sent from my iPhone


    Posted by Pamela Vaughn | September 6, 2021, 2:27 pm
  2. Hi, What is the date for this session please? Many thanks Nirav

    Posted by Nirav Shah | September 6, 2021, 6:06 pm

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