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Dr Jess Potter writes for the Guardian on tackling TB on a global scale

Congratulations to Dr Jess Potter, who is not only conducting research into TB here in London as part of her MRC fellowship, but is also doing amazing work to grab the public’s attention and get TB in the news. She recently wrote for the Guardian following a visit to Cambodia. Whilst in Cambodia Jess saw the impact of … Continue reading

Dr James Brown co-authors paper on new type of IGRA

Congratulations to North East Thames trainee Dr James Brown who has co-authored a paper with Dr Marc Lipman and others in the European Respiratory Journal. The article “First evaluation of QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus performance in contact screening” evaluated for the first time the performance of a new type of interferon-γ release assay, QuantiFERON-TB Plus (QFT-Plus), which includes an additional antigen … Continue reading

Dr Ricardo Jose publishes review on opportunistic infections of the lung

Congratulations to North East Thames trainee Dr Ricardo Jose who has co-authored a review with Prof Jerry Brown in the journal, Medicine. The journal is aimed at trainees and all new articles are planned, commissioned and produced in conjunction with Chapter Editors, highly regarded experts within their specialty (play spot the big name whilst browsing the … Continue reading

Ian Stone publishes trial in AJRCCM

Congratulations to North East Thames trainee Dr Ian Stone who is first author of a paper in the blue journal, American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. He reports a double-blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over RCT investigating the effect of lung deflation on cardiovascular structure and function using cardiac magnetic resonance. As we know, COPD is associated with significant … Continue reading

Richard Turner publishes review on a systematic approach to cough

Congratulations to North East Thames trainee Dr Richard Turner, who has co-authored a review article in Primary Care Respiratory Medicine from the Nature group with Prof Graham Bothamley. They report a retrospective cohort study which examined the investigations necessary and the final diagnoses of people with chronic (>8wks) cough referred to a specialist cough clinic. They conclude “Most cases of chronic cough … Continue reading

New publications from RespNET trainees

North East Thames trainees are a prolific lot! The start of 2016 has seen a number of publications from trainees, and it’s great to see such a diversity of interests and research methods represented. If you are interested in writing, or research in general, why not speak to one of these trainees at the next … Continue reading

Mamta Ruparel publishes editorial in Thorax on Lung Cancer screening

Congratulations to North East Thames trainee and research fellow at the Lungs for Living Research Centre at UCL, Mamta Ruparel, who has co-authored an Editorial in Thorax with Prof Sam Janes. They argue that the UK health system serves its patients with lung cancer poorly, with a 13% 5-year survival attributed largely to late-stage presentation. Approximately 70% of … Continue reading

Mamta Ruparel publishes editorial in AJRCCM

Mamta Ruparel, a North East Thames trainee, and current member of the Lungs for Living Research Group at UCL, has published an editorial in the blue journal entitled “Fulfilling the Dream: Toward Reducing Inequalities in Lung Cancer Screening.” Mamta and Neal Navani, review evidence for low dose CT lung cancer screening and consider the reasons for differences … Continue reading

Spotlight on: research

The North East Thames rotation has a strong track record in research, with a high percentage of trainees completing PhDs, MDs or other research projects leading to publication. We have seen success recently for a number of trainees who have won highly competitive funded research fellowships and there are also a number of opportunities available currently which … Continue reading

Jess Potter and Will Ricketts featured in Thorax for work on TB drug monographs

In this month’s Thorax, North East Thames trainees are once again prominent, with an open access article on guidance for adverse effect monitoring in multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB). It highlights the work of the guideline development group, linked to the BTS SAG, whose members include Jess Potter and Will Ricketts. The guideline draws together the best available evidence … Continue reading

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