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eBooks and apps may be all the rage, but many of us still like to sit down with a good book. A real one. With paper pages. And it seems some of us also like to write books. With two new books by North East Thames Consultants and SpRs released this month, we take a look at the old and the new in literary achievements across the region.

The new:

1. Oxford Case Histories in Sleep Medicine

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 23.10.16

Authors include Dr Himender Makker, Consultant in Respiratory and Sleep Medicine at UCLH / North Mid.

Can’t tell an apnoea from a hypopneoa? Does OHS give you a morning headache? Do you have nightmares thinking about parasomnias? Do you think REM is an 80s rock band? Yes? Then this book is for you!

“A case-based illustrative approach to the understanding and management of common sleep disorders. Features a question-and-answer format designed to enhance the reader’s diagnostic ability. Comprised of case histories written by experts with clinical experience of managing patients with sleep disorders.”

A snip at just £27.99 with your exclusive discount!

To claim 30% discount online, visit www.oup.com/uk/medicine, add to your shopping basket and enter promotional code AMPROMO12. Offer valid until 31 March 2016.


2. Eureka Respiratory Medicine

Eureka respiratory

Authors are Prof Jerry Brown (UCLH), Dr Jennifer Quint (LSHTM/UCLH) and Dr Laura-Jane Smith (SpR).

“Part of an innovative series for students that fully integrates basic science, clinical medicine and surgery, this is an engaging and authoritative text, featuring insightful clinical cases, graphic narratives, SBAs and a wealth of other learning tools, Eureka Respiratory has everything students need to succeed in medicine and pass their exams.”

Not only does the book feature a plethora of helpful diagrams and tables, it includes one of the authors in a fetching pose performing lung function tests. Unique features include clinical cases using graphic narratives which illustrate patient pathways and communication techniques used in clinical practice, and sections focusing on integrated and palliative care, as well as everything else you’d expect from a textbook for medical students. You can also play ‘spot the author’, identifying them by their arm complete with positive skin prick test to house dust mite…

Why not recommend it to a student near you!? Just £22.95 and available to order now on amazon.


The old:

1. Clinical Respiratory Medicine

Clinical Resp Medicine Spiro

The classic tome by Prof Stephen Spiro (UCLH) and others.

“Highly Commended in the 2013 BMA Medical Book Awards in Internal Medicine, Clinical Respiratory Medicine provides practical guidance to help you more effectively diagnose and manage the full range of pulmonary disorders, including those seen in today’s most challenging patient populations.

Now with over 400 brand-new review questions and 25 videos available online, this medical reference book delivers all of the answers you need to ensure the best outcomes.”

A tour-de-force of respiratory medicine, from embryology, to histopathology to physiology to clinical method. With online content including ECHO, laryngoscopy, OSA and bronchoscopy videos the newest edition is really up to date and could not be more comprehensive.

A hefty price at £124.95 £124.95 so perhaps one to persuade your library to invest in…



2. Respiratory Medicine: Self-assessment, colour review

Respiratory medicine SpiroAuthors are Prof Stephen Spiro (UCLH), Dr Richard Albert (Denver, USA), Prof Jerry Brown (UCLH) and Dr Neal Navani (UCLH).

“Integrated self-test questions, illustrations and detailed explanations providing new material on sleep disordered breathing, the newer methods of staging of lung cancer, interstitial lung diseases and infections all of which have developed in importance since the last edition of the book.”

The case-based approach facilitates learning through a question-and-answer format, which feels like less effort than reading pages of text. There are questions on radiology and respiratory physiology (which many of us would like more confidence in), and the cases are in no particular order reflecting the variety and challenge of clinical practice. Highly recommended for dipping into on your commute, and feeling clever before you even arrive at work.

Good value at £25.99 considering the amount of data and broad spectrum of respiratory pathology covered.



3. Respiratory Medicine

Respiratory Medicine JPD bookAuthors are Dr J Paul Dilworth (Royal Free Hospital) and David R Baldwin.

“Focusing on day-to-day management issues, this handbook allows respiratory trainees and consultants in practice to quickly access practical information and clinical knowledge. Investigations are combined with the most current therapeutic approaches in a format that provides core data. A portable guide for ward and clinic, Respiratory Medicine profiles all a range of respiratory disorders, including asthma, allergies, lung cancer, sleep apnea and tuberculosis. It also discusses imaging procedures and teaching techniques.”

Currently out of print, so only available second hand from the bargainous price of £3 (+p&p).  Published in 2001, so management guidelines are out of date, but much of the generic content is still highly relevant.




Have we missed any? If you know of any other books published by SpRs or Consultants on the rotation get in touch.


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